I recently joined WellspringDreams.club a general creative community. I really like the style of the forum and how all the newest topics are right there on the main page. The sections are identified by tags rather than bring in separate pages, so it’s very convenient to navigate and see what topics have been updated at a glance. You can also go to a member’s profile and see their posts as if it were their personal wall in a sense. I really love the format and how smoothly it runs, it feels like forum scripts have finally evolved. 😎

The forum welcomes a variety of topics, anime, movies, video games, web-design, art, and just about any fun thing. It’s a very friendly and welcoming place that I highly recommend you join! I personally mostly use it on my phone, it works great with mobile and emoji 😉 where most forums are limited only to their installed emoji, this one used the standard ones you’ll find on your keyboard. The screenshots were taken from my iPhone, but of course, the site works beautifully on a Desktop/Laptop as well. 

Conveniently, you don’t even need to make an account to log in (although you can if you want to) but you also have the option to log in with a variety of other sites, as it often happens with more modern websites. Lol, I was supposed to be talking about the substance of the forum, but I can’t help it but to fangirl over the technical side because this style is just so much more convenient than what I’ve used before. 😍 I really like the overall presentation and ease of access. 

Anyway, back to the substance, like I said, any creators, hobbyists, gamers, and anyone who just wants to make friends is very welcome to join! 🤗


My favorite parts of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC

My favorite parts of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC… Spoiler warning!

Agate vs the dragon. Everything about this! Overcoming his past, becoming stronger and being all awesome.

Estelle’s escape from the society, when she breaks the window and hangs outside the airship in flight. Then when the guards come in thinking she committed suicide, she jumps back in knocks one out with a kick to the face and slams the other against the wall before he can react.

The Capua’s airship battles, Kyle and the Bobcat are awesome! 

Do you see a common theme? Agate bring badass, Estelle being badass, Kyle being badass. I just like seeing my favs being badass. 

I also enjoy all Tita’s scenes geeking out about machines because I love technology. I especially love her satellite S-Break.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror – Recommendations and mini review no spoilers.

These are the episodes I think are the best few, they’re all separate stories so you can watch in any order. I didn’t really like the others. As a general warning, most of them contain unpleasant scenes and it gets worse down the list with the first being the lightest and the others being notably darker. I didn’t really like any of the other episodes, I either finished them and didn’t care or didn’t finish them at all.

This series is very hit or miss, the first two episodes on this list make me want to watch a whole series about those characters. The other 3 are just entertaining enough, fueled mostly by the element of surprise, but the first 2 are amusing even if you know what’s going to happen. Though I didn’t get any spoilers while watching any of them, I don’t normally mind spoilers and enjoy narratives that remain strong even upon rewatching. As an additional warning, don’t always expect a happy ending.

S3E1 Nosedive (pretty light, about social media and rank)

S3E6 Hated in the Nation (detectives, hackers, twitter and robot bees)

S2E4 White Christmas (reflecting on the past, AI ethics)

S2E2 White Bear (prejudice/revenge, empathy, surprise twist)

S3E5 Men Against Fire (army, war, ethics, mental conditioning)

Videogames I played in 2016

I don’t remember the dates so I had to look at my history, but here’s the list of video games I played in 2016, though not all of them were necessarily released this year. I’m going to talk about my opinions of the games in the paragraphs after the list, but I won’t be posting any spoilers, so don’t worry about that.

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