Coded Dreams

I’m working on a fanart for Relativity, a series which is currently on hiatus and I hope returns soon. It’s about super heroes, exploring both their crime fighting adventures as well as their personal lives as civilians with a secret identity. I can’t share a link because the sites are currently inactive, though hopefully they’ll come back. If anyone knows where the story and art can be viewed at the moment, let me know. The fanart I’m working on is of Johnny, Relativity’s hacker boy, because I’m predictable and tend to have a soft spot for computer geek guys. Seeing Caleb from Pretty Little Liars reminded me of Johnny, and working on the fanart reminded me of where the concept came from. In the drawing, Johnny is having a dream about hacking and physically interacting with the code as it floats around him. This is based on a dream I had about web-design where I could change the CSS in a similar way. To all you web-designers and digital artists out there, have you ever had a similar dream where you’re kind of inside the computer?