I’m not into fanlists anymore, but here’s a list of the ones I joined in the past. Like a Bad Penny (Indiana Jones) Transcend Time (LoZ: Ocarina of Time) Lucky Cat (Meowth) Poltergeist (Tidus) Human (Wolverine) Blazing Dynamo (Dart Feld) Love Lasagna (Garfield) Endless Diamond Sky (A.W. New World) Run all the Way (Slayers series) Sanctuary (Kingdom Hearts II) Sweet Enigma (L Lawliet) Mizu Kagami (Chichiri) Elements of Harmony (My Little Pony) Highest Flyer (Tails Miles Prower) Beyond the Sky (Cid) Fight to Win (Dragon Ball series) Mischievous (Artemis) Evolution (Eevee) Precious Item (Ocarina of Time) Our Ending (Laharl and Flonne) Just Once (one-shot fanfics) Shukumei (Sailor Moon fanfics) A Fan’s World (Digimon fanfics) Moon Prism Power (Sailor Moon) No Black and White in the Blue (Bebop) Digital Tale (Digimon Adventure) Forgotten Love (Sailor Moon’s locket) Sotto il Sole (Destiny Islands) Kaguyahime (Luna) Lost Kindness (Ken Ichijouji) Boy with a Sword (Trunks) Reunion (FFVII: Advent Children) Zeal (Axel) Gentle Baker (Wild Arms 2nd Ignition) Providence (Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto arc) Conflicted (Elsa) Good vs. Evil (Samurai Jack)</span> <br /> Russian Blocks (Tetris) Digital Duel (Yu-Gi-Oh! videogames) Tiny Inventor (Lucca) This Fateful Hour (Magus) 16-Bit (Super Nintendo) Double Black (Black Mage class) Pulse of Life (White Mage class) Mako Reactor (ShinRa Electric Power) Fight The Darkness (Keyblades) Oblivious (Muzet) Doki Doki (Otomen) Divine Dragon Cannon (Sage) Starshine Unlimited (Rowen) Lovelies (Eeveelutions) Il Piu Forte (Vongola Family) For The Queen (Roses of May) Sanctuary (Hunchback of Notre Dame) So Glamorous! (Glameow) To the Moon (Miroku x Sango) Next to Me (Cullen) Fine Tip (Beryl Benito) Keepers of the Peace (Jedi) None (Lindsay) The Fanly Exchange (FansFansFans) Hero With An Edge (Shawn Ashmore) Rediscover the Web (Firefox) Simplicity (Chrome) Keeping it Simple (CSS Layouts) A Nerd’s Playground (Web-design) dot NET (.net) Connected (Internet) Language Play (websites) Validated! (web standards) Ears Long &amp; Great Big Feet (Thumper) Dangle (dangly earrings) Silence and Motion (Final Fantasy VIII OST) Distance Unknown (Final Fantasy V) Tiger of the Wind (Tiger/Rygar) Sparkling Colors (Fireworks) Sunshine (Leia) Crescent Moon (Regal) All Time in the World (alone time) Shining Bright (azure) Serenity (blue) Distant Thoughts (daydreams) Be the Hero (Nintendo) Shoot for the Stars (Super Mario 64) Dear Diary (journaling) Meow (Hello Kitty) Fluffy Glamourous Kitten (Charmmy Kitty) Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) Your Worshipfulness (Princess Leia) Two Worlds, One Hero (Thor movie) Worthy (Thor) Perfect Match (Vegeta &amp; Bulma) Bottle Magic (I Dream of Jeannie) Spirit of Thanksgiving (holiday) So Much More (Belle) Vibrant (fuchsia) New Worlds (Pocahontas movie) True North (Canada) Luxury (gold) Infinity (friendship) Connected (Colors of the Wind) Royalty (Legolas) Supergirl (Megara) Connected (online friends) #000000: Black (color) La Smoking Bomber (Tuxedo Mask) Scoundrel (Han Solo) Ember (Flareon) Superstitions (Purrloin) Solitaire (Knuckles) Righteous Heart (Absol) Sword of Fate (Legend of Mana) Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure 02) Faux Reality (animation) Nazo no Priest (Xellos) Trust No One (Death Note) Romantikku Ageru Yo (Bulma Briefs) Henshin (magical girl) Unforgettable Tales (Little Bits) Her Royal Sweetness (Peach Toadstool) Dear Friends (Final Fantasy Music) Zero Hour (FFVII: Crisis Core) Heaven’s Requiem (Lenneth Valkyrie) Fantasy (anime &amp; manga fanfics) Puu! (white Mokona) Life is Passion (Sora Naegino) Melting Ice (Aoshi Shinomori) Life is Like a Box of Chocolates Electric Mouse (Pikachu) Money Bags (Persian) Double Time (Ditto) All’s Fair in Business (Get Backers) The Culprit is You! (Majin Tantei NN) Monsters Rule! (Monster Rancher) Drafted (Laguna Loire) Heartplace (Lloyd &amp; Colette) Brink of Time (Chrono Trigger) Monkey Mayhem (DK Country 2) Farm Life (Harvest Moon: MFoMT) Espelancer (Legend of Heroes Gagharv) Objection! (Phoenix Wright AA) Exploration (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) Pika! (Pokemon Yellow) Sticky (Stickers) Antithesis (Yuri &amp; Flynn) Captured (digital cameras) A Daughter’s Love (Chrom &amp; Lucina) Turn Over A New Leaf (Valkyrie Profile) Under the Sea (Cye) Decadent (chocolate cake) Lady D’arbanville (Schala) Epic Love Story (Groose &amp; Impa) My Brother, My Captain (Dagran) Thief in the Night (Liepard) Mastermind (Izzy) Dimension of Love (Tenchi &amp; Ryoko) Everyone Loves Parfaits (Parfait) Light and Dark (Force) Wars not make one great (Yoda) Dissident (Kyoko) Requiem (Edward) Another Castle (Super Mario Bros.) Classy (CSS) Beauty in Coding (HTML) End to End (PHP) Community (forums) By Any Other Name (domain names) Figthing Friends (Super Mario Bros. 2) Non Omnis Moriar (Final Fantasy VII) Pop! (bubble wrap) Beautiful Sight (Christmas Trees) Fairy Dust (glitter) Linked (keychains) Campfire Treat (Smores) Purrfect (cats &amp; kittens) Awakening (Claymore) Small but Mighty (Toad) Remembrance (memories) Roseus (pink) Illumination (silver) Chikara (Ike) Water of the Sea (aquamarine) Sonny Wuz Here! (Sonny Joon) Elegant Predators (big cats) Ruins of the Moon (Sailor Moon) Because Nothing Ends (Last Unicorn) Circle of Life (The Lion King) Painting the Sky (stars) Unstable (Malik) Silver Eyes (Kunzite) Twilight Bark (101 Dalmations) Strength &amp; Courage (Mulan) All that Sparkles (earrings) All That… and a Bag of Chips (1990s) Waddle &amp; Slide! (penguins) Epic (Orlando Bloom) The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) Greek god (John Stamos) Balancing Act (Brendan Fraser) Leonardo DiCaprio (actor) I’m a fan of… (joining fanlists) First Sight (Kuwabara &amp; Yukina) Blue Topaz (gem) First Superhero (Captain America 1st A.) Rawr (Domo-kun) Future Love (Fry &amp; Leela) Sith Power (Galactic Empire) I’m Gonna Wreck It (Wreck it Ralph) Attached (collecting keyrings) Vast Opportunities (digital photography) Hot and Spicy (pepperoni pizza) Snow Shoveler (reindeer) Dark Temptation (chocolate cookies) Arctic Hero (Balto movie) Uncanny Brothers (Sonic &amp; Tails) Cats &amp; Rabbits (Luna &amp; Usagi) In the Beginning (Minako &amp; Artemis) Sapphire Jewel (Sailor Mercury) Lady of Honor (Fa Mulan) Yakusoku (Goku &amp; Krillin) Saiyan Heart (Goku &amp; Vegeta) Cute (orange tabby) Curiouser &amp; Curiouser (Alice in Wonderland) Shinigami (Zombie Loan) Gotta Collect ‘Em All (Pokemon plushies) Force Guardians (lightsabers) Use the Force (Star Wars characters) Balance of the Force (Skywalker family) Flattery (fanart) Aladdin (movie) Sharing is Caring (Care Bears) Stunning (silver jewelry) Marienkaefer (ladybugs) Plain Good (cheese pizza) Sophisticated (emeralds) Seasonal Friends (snowmen) The Dark Side of The Force (Sith) Cotton Candy (sweets) Chaos (Jurassic Park movies) Purity (white cats) The Madhouse (Arkham Asylum) Gothamites (Batman characters) Celebrations (holidays) Role Model (sisters) Solitary (jaguar) Chukcha (siberian huskies) Crayons (object) Digital Expressions (emoticons) Happiness (concept) Luna (moon) Here comes trouble! (Gremlins movies) Staple (bagels) Kissed (yellow) Crimson Kisses (red lipstick) Stories in Song (musicals) Crisp Autumn Days (October) Majestic (Padme Amidala) With great power… (Spider-Man 2002) Dream Come True (Cinderella fairy tale) Spectrum (colors) Classic (gold jewelry) Chocolate, Caramel, Cookie, Crunch! (Twix) It’s beginning to look a lot like… (Christmas) Love (God) Amber and Rain (November) Salty &amp; Sweet (peanutbutter) Null (zero) Amber and Leaves (autumn) Precious Furballs (cats) Fire Is Catching (Hunger Games series) Ailuropoda Melanoleuca (giant pandas) Fictional (characters) Fiery (red hair) Get Some Action (Charlie’s Angels) Zodiac Brave Story (Final Fantasy Tactics) A Song For Time (Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST) 13 Days (FFXIII: Lightning Returns) Pint Size Hero (Mario) Aura (Marle) Caped Crusader (Batman movies) The Dark Knight (Batman) In the Darkness of (night) By the Slice (pizza) Revelations (Star Wars V) Good Grief (Charlie Brown) Deliver Us (Prince of Egypt) Frozen Heart (Frozen characters) Zero to Hero (Hercules) Bushido (Auron) Pure Hearts (Sailor Moon S) Fistbump! (Hiro &amp; Baymax) Ahoy! (pirates) With The Wind (dandelions) Second Star to the Right (Peter Pan) Funny Love (Pucca) Take to the Skies (How to Train Your Dragon) Delicious (donuts) Delectable (lollipops) Nougat, Caramel &amp; Chocolate (Milky Way) Mouthwatering (chocolate fudge cake) What’s Your Flavor? (candy/sweets) Decadent (cheesecake) Irresistible (hamburgers) Smooth and Silky (Hershey bar) Blade Storm (Gallade) Power Couple (Superman &amp; Wonder Woman) Tensai (Fuji Syuusuke) Faith (Ventus) Hand Grenade (Lovely Complex) Sweet Treat (icecream) Cookie Deliciouness (chip cookie icecream) Guilty Pleasures (junkfood) King of Condiments (ketchup) Puffed (marshmallow) Carnivorious (meat) Mmmelons (melons) Sweet Dreams (meringues) Just Tasty (nutella) Delicious (pancakes) Heart &amp; Soul (Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver) Ebb and Flow (Nami) Love Every Drink (diet Pepsi) Cookie Lovers Delight (oreo pie) Tropical (pineapple) Heatstorm (Cyndaquil) Designer Chocolate (pocky) Addicting (popcorn) Spud Buds (potatoes) Filled With Cheese (and Love) (quesadillas) Lickable (chocolate sauce) Dash of Magic (sprinkles) Contradictory (starbursts) Grilled! (steak) Dipping Romance (chocolate strawberries) Can’t Get Enough (sushi) The King’s Fools (koopalings) Perfect Dream (Naboo) Designing Worlds (architecture) Death is Only the Beginning (Mummy) Tiramisu (cake) Crispy Gold (toast) Golden Squares (waffles) Big Pockets (Belgian waffles) H2O (water) Light Fluffy Goodness (whipped cream) White King (polar bears) Flutter (butterflies) Milkweed (monarch butterflies) Nebulosus (clouded leopard) Adorable (chipmunks) Graceful (deer) Playful and Intelligent (dolphins) Sky Queen (eagles) Gotta Go Fast (falcons) Strictly Carnivorous (felines) Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening) Poison Powder (Vileplume) Brave Bird (Pidgeot) Bunny Kick! (Lopunny) Weasel War Dance (ferrets) Glimmer (fireflies) Thunderstorm (Luxio) Iridescence (Corsola) Victory Star (Victiny) Aerospark (Emolga) Blizzard (artic fox) Sly Beauty (red fox) Hammies (hamsters) Horses (equines) Unique (kiwi bird) Stealthy (leopards) Lord of Them All (lions) Beautiful Animal (white lions) Solitary (lynxes) Ailuridae (red pandas) Here Kitty, Kitty (panthers) Tiny Hooves (ponies) Fluffy (bunnies) Pureness (white rabbits) Shadow Taile (squirrels) Lacus Somniorum (swans) Pursuit of Happiness (swallows) Regal (tigers) Majestic (bengal tigers) Shelly (turtles) Stalwart Wolf (wolves) White Shadow (white wolves) Aesthetic (art) Blazing Magician (Braixen) Let Your Imagination Run Wild Panchampion (Pancham) Decormania (doodling) A Spark of Imagination (illustration) Aesthetic Expression (painting) Layered Reality (photo manipulation) Dotty! (polkadots) Shape and Form (sculpture) Vocalize (singing) Unique (snowflakes) Colored Light (stained glass) Stripe Love (stripes) Art of Typography (typography) Creativity (actors/actresses) Art of Living (artistic) Endless Imagination (writers) The Engine of our Life (dreamers) Soul Mates Forever (best friends) Silence (ninja) Just for Puns (puns) Rare (redhair men) Sexy (blond men) Trust and Confidence (faith) Tweet! (Twitter) Y!Mail (Yahoo! Mail) Soft Warrior (Jackie Chan) I’m one of those people… (Brad Pitt) Last Action Hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Striking (Hayden Christensen) Accenting Acting (Antonio Banderas) Lucky Stars (origami stars) Unparalleled Tech (Apple Inc.) Terrible Fate (LoZ: Majora’s Mask) Be Original (Pizza Hut) Service Games (Sega) Iconical (icons) Variety is Beautiful (fonts) Perfect Size! (pixel fonts) Vocalize (Luka Megurine) XX Side of the Mirror (Rin Kagamine) Celebrate! (birthdays) Just Relax (weekend) Colourful (nail polish) Shimmer (glitter nail polish) Elegance (hair claws) Pinned Voice (badges/buttons/pins) Aromatic (perfume) Just Casual (tshirts) Colorful Summer (yukata) Strike like Lightning (Yuan Ka-Fai) Enjoy Your Flight (airports) Sanctuary (bedrooms) Paese del Sol Levante (Japan) Moving Stairs (escalators) Buy What You Want (gift cards) Endless Dimensions (mirrors) Color My Dreams (pencils) Essential Accessory (pens) Portable Addiction (cellphones) At Your Fingertips (smartphones) Lazy (remote controls) Artistic Nature (sketch pads) Valor (swords) Let it Rain (umbrellas);clean/ Regardless of Warnings (Simple &amp; Clean) Papa’s Got You (Galuf) Randomosity (blogging) My Best Friend (plushies) Resourcefully Addictive (web surf) I &lt;3 Taking Pictures (taking pics) SMS (texting) Cozy at Home (watching tv) Have Mercy (JessexBecky) Forever I Promise (MamoruxUsagi) Song as Old as Rhyme (Disney songs) Uniquely Moving (songs) Mystical (ocarina) Flavor of Life (Japanese music) We &hearts; Music (music) To Tell a Tale (movie soundtracks) Idolized (J-pop) Osuwari (Inuyasha) My Own Destiny (Aoyagi Ritsuka) Nyanko Matsuri (San-X) Rolling (Tarepanda) Rock Star (Badtzmaru) Sanrio: Cinnamoroll is Love (Baby Cinnamon) Twinkle, Twinkle (Little Twin Stars) Roly Poly Penguin (Tuxedo Sam) Star Wars (merchandise) Soft and Cuddly (bunny plushies) Cuddly (tiger plushies) My Playtime (toys) Pocket-Size Perfection (Nendoroid) Cuddly Companion (teddy bears) Holy Messengers (angels) Devotion (Christianity) Hope (Easter) Savior (Jesus Christ) Haunting Tune (Once Upon a December) My Dears (Gackt) Haunting Melody (Sailor Moon live 35) Love at the First Sight (Shinra &amp; Celty) Han &amp; Chewie (Star Wars) I Know (Han &amp; Leia) Take the Path of Trust (Mia Fey) Spiritual (Maya Fey) Le Charme de la Loi (Miles Edgeworth) Curious (Alice) We are all Mad Here (Cheshire) Mad as a… (Mad Hatter) Abuse of Power (Queen of Hearts) Most Awesome Sidekick Ever (Dick Grayson) Psychotic (Villains of Batman) Super Soldier (Captain America) Snap Out Of It (Shizuo Heiwajima) Desire for Adventure (Mikado) Immortality (vampires) Narcissistic (Howl) Lady Croft (Lara Croft) Both Hero and Villain (Maleficent) The Red Pill (Neo) Virus (Smith) Kitana (Mortal Kombat) Stranger Traveling from the West (Rick) Siren Song (Finnick) Genius, billionaire… (Tony Stark) Acoustic Decay (Ren) Savvy? (Jack Sparrow) The Blood of a Pirate (Will Turner) With Great Power (Peter Parker) Soresu Master (Obi-Wan Kenobi) The Chosen One (Anakin Skywalker) Jedi Hero (Luke Skywalker) Sacrifice (Anakin Solo) Entwined Lives (Skywalker/Solo family) Embodied Evil (Star Wars villains) Super Hero in Disguise (Superman) Master of Magnetism (Magneto) Whiplash (Quicksilver) Superhuman (X-men mutants) Cest la Vie (Sailor Venus) Fire Soul (Sailor Mars) Dark Secret (Jadeite) Alone (Sailor Jupiter) Kunzite Fan (Sailor Moon live) Usa-ko (Usagi/SailorMoon) Hi Ho! (Kermit) Tis Moi! (Miss Piggy) Thornful Roses (Kurama) Life Is Sweet (6Teen) Street Rat (Aladdin) Do You Trust Me? (Aladdin &amp; Jasmine) Friend Like Me (Genie) Big Mouth (Iago) Spirit and Spunk (Jasmine) Loyalty (Jasmine &amp; Rajah) The Only Friend (Rajah) Surreal (Aladdin characters) Material Girl (Brittany Miller) Home, Love, Family (Anastasia movie) Wonderful Journey (Anastasia OST) Maestro (Dimitri) Cherished Memories (Anastasia Romanov) Beyond the Imagination (animated characters) Swingin’ Cats (Aristocats) Atlantis: The Lost Empire (movie) Ouroboros (Milo &amp; Kida) To World’s End (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Prodigy (Toph) Potential (Haru) Dance Dance Revolution! (The Headband) Whiplash (June) Katara (Avatar) Sun &amp; Moon (Zuko &amp; Katara) Gloomy Girl (Mai) Redemption (Zuko) Prodigy (Azula) Sometimes Forever (Azula, TyLee, Mai, Zuko) Spirit of the Moon (Princess Yue) Little Wolf (Sokka) Point of Impact (Suki) Heed the Call (Avengers Assemble) Arctic Hero (Balto movie) Shadow of the Bat (Batman) Incorruptible (Jim Gordon) Deadly Seductive (Poison Ivy) Feline Fatale (Catwoman) The Clown Prince of Crime (Joker) Insanely Devoted (Harley Quinn) Song as Old as Rhyme (Beauty &amp; Beast OST) A Tale as Old as Time (Beauty &amp; Beast movie) Woman Up! (Tomago) A Little Bit of TLC (Tenderheart) Magical (Disney animated movies) All The Magic (Disney characters) Chief (Disney animals) Unforgettable Heroines (Disney heroines) Very Charming (Disney Princes) Happily Ever After (Disney Princesses) Bad Company (Disney Villains) Life Is Like A Hurricane (Duck Tales) Wish &amp; Unwish (The Fairly Oddparents) Oddfather (Cosmo) Delicious (Chip Skylark) Catnip (Father of the Pride) Final Heaven (Tifa) After the Fire (Cloud &amp; Tifa) Don’t Cry, Loz (Loz) Extra Pair of Shades (Rude) Boss (Rufus Shinra) Death Penalty (Vincent) Extreme Prejudice (FF: Spirits Within) Stone Age (The Flintstones) Imagine That (Foster’s Home for Imaginary) To Thaw a Frozen Heart (Frozen movie) Summer Princess (Anna) Do you want to build a snowman? (Elsa, Anna) Serendipity (Kristoff &amp; Anna) Adorably Awkward (Kristoff) Companions (Kristoff &amp; Sven) Two Gardens Become One (Gnomeo &amp; Juliet) A Hero’s Welcome (Hercules movie) Sweet Denial (Arnold &amp; Helga) Dynamic Family (The Incredibles) Defense Mode (Invader Zim) Truly Outrageous (Jem and the Holograms) Regrets (The Last Unicorn OST) Bolin (fanlist)</span> <br /> Rinascita (Legend of Korra) Rambunctious Duo (Simba &amp; Nala) Under the Sea (Little Mermaid Series) Sea Lady (Ariel) Enchanted (Eric &amp; Ariel) Charming (Eric) Under the Sea (Little Mermaid characters) Mermaid Princesses (daughters of Triton ) Arriba! Andale! (Speedy Gonzales) Home Tweet Home! (Tweety) Dreams and Adventures (Pokemon X &amp; Y) Lady of the Lake (Lailah) Like Water and Fish (Mikleo) We’ve Got Spirits (Monster High) Boo! (Monsters Inc.) School Never Looked This Scary (Monsters U.) Like Other Girls (Mulan II Princesses) Crusader (Apple Bloom) Yeehaw! (Apple Jack) Muffins! (Derpy) Dulcet (Fluttershy) Crystal Cadance (Princess Cadance) Majesty (Princess Celestia) Redemption (Princess Luna) Fashionista (Rarity) #1 Assistant (Spike) Power of Magic (Twilight Sparkle) Pixie Dust (Tinkerbell) Endearingly Persistent (Sally) Unrequited (Marcie) Gifted (Schroeder) Philosopher (Linus) The Doctor is In (Lucy) Unique (Woodstock) Wave Upon The Sand (Pocahontas) Adventurer (John Smith) Super Girl (Buttercup) Deliver Us (Prince of Egypt) Love Square (Ladybug &amp; Chat Noir) Miracle Boy (Tiz) Celestial Hymn (Stella Glow) Melodies of Life (Garnet) Grossartig Mond (Camilla) Tales of Lunares (Fantasy Life) Outlaw (Zaveid) Strange Symbol (Sigilyph) Spend Time With Me (Yokai Watch) Unexpected Love Story (Garu and Pucca) Gold and Glory (Road to el Dorado) Nose So Bright (Rudolph Red-Nose Reindeer) Oo-de-laly (Robin Hood movie) My Beloved Monster (Shrek OST) Inner Beauty (Shrek movie) Far Far Away (Shrek 2) Spirit Gun (Yuusuke) We Have To Stick Together! (Shrek &amp; Donkey) Minds Becoming One (Shrek, Donkey, Puss) Eclecic Bunch (Shrek characters) Not Ordinary Princesses (Shrek princesses) Untamable (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) Don’t You Turn Against Me (Obiwan &amp; Anakin) Titans Together (Teen Titans) Early Winter (Starfire and Dick Grayson) Illumination (Starfire) Dude, so I Have Fans (Beast Boy) Sorcery Globe (Star Ocean: Second Story) Hiya Toonsters! (Tiny Toon Adventures) Chasing (Tom and Jerry series) Friendly Foes (Tom and Jerry) To Infinity And Beyond (Toy Story) A New Adventure (Toy Story 2) Infinite Friendship (Toy Story 3) World Makers (<a target=”_blank” href=” Amassment ) Girl Power (Spice Girls) Meowlificent (Jibanyan) Resplendent (Chobits) Picturesque (graphic design) Colorsplash (Textures) Monge~!!! (Komasan) Hidden Viper (Kaidoh Kaoru) Unexpected Dominance (Homare) Epic Journey (Dragon Quest) Drawn That Way (Jessica Rabbit) Try Everything (Judy Hopps) City of Dreams (Zootopia) Forgetful Lucy (50 First Dates) Can I Keep You? (Casper movie) Modern Fairytale (A Cinderella Story) In the Billiard Room With… (Clue movie) Redemption (The Dark Knight Rises) Darkest before Dawn (The Dark Knight) Happily Ever After (Enchanted) Fairytale (Ever After) The Future is Now (Sci-Fi movies) Great Responsibility (super hero movies) A Bit of Both (Guardians of The Galaxy) Faithful (Hachiko: A Dog’s Story) BANGARANG! (Hook) Game Maker (The Hunger Games) Subliminal Treachery (Inception) Three Challenges (IJ Last Crusade) Sweltering Skies (Ironman) One Perfect Match (It Takes Two) Josie and the Pussycats (movie) A Good Death Is Its Own Reward (Man of Steel) A Little Magic Goes A Long Way (Matilda) System of Control (The Matrix Reloaded) Belief (The Matrix) Memoirs of another kind (Memoirs of a Geisha) The Galaxy Defenders (Men in Black) Undercover (Miss Congeniality) In the Drift (Pacific Rim) Really Bad Eggs (PotC series) At World’s End (PotC) The Curse of the Black Pearl (PotC) On Stranger Tides (PotC) Movie Magic (movies) Bullet Proof Love Affair (Mr. &amp; Mrs. Smith) Such a Noble Prince (Prince of Persia) From Gwaky to Princess to Queen Star Crossed Lovers (Romeo + Juliet) Do I Always Believe You? (Shanghai Knights) Watch your Heads (Sleepy Hollow) The Way of the Hero (Spiderman movies) Splash (movie) Valiant Heart (Gomamon) The Beginning (Star Wars I) Aggressive Negotiations (Star Wars II) The Fall of a Hero (Star Wars III) Use the Force (Star Wars IV) Full Circle (Star Wars VI) New Destiny (Star Wars VII) Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars movie series) Legacy (Thor: The Dark World) The Ship Of Dreams (Titanic) Tomb Raider (movie 1) Tomb Raider 2 (The Cradle Of Life) Van Helsing (movie) Extraordinary (X-Men movies) The Past &amp; The Future (Days of Future Past) A War of Hearts (X-Men: First Class) Pick a Side (X-Men: The Last Stand) Fifty-Two (52) October (31) The Phantom (2004 version) Cosmic Guardian (Orion) Son of None (Altair) Live by the Creed (Assassin’s Creed series) Legendary (Breath of Fire 3) Dragons and Wings (Breath of Fire series) Bloodlines (Castlevania series) Sun, Moon &amp; Stars (Child of Light) Wild Heart (Ayla) Left With Mysteries (Dante &amp; Nero) Sinful Rose (Disgaea 2) Conquerors (Disgaea) Light in the Darkness (Dissidia 012) Monkey Mayhem (Donkey Kong Country 2) Earthbound (fanlist) Sky of the Ancients (Ivalice) Tamanegi! (Onion Knight) 1000 Needles (Cactuar) Howling Beast (Fenrir) Zantetsuken (Odin) Karma (Tonberry) Kweh! (chocobos) Kupo! (moogles) Quia Multi Sumus (summons of Final Fantasy) The Promised Land (Final Fantasy II) Weapons Specialist (Firion) Children of Light (Final Fantasy III) Light &amp; Darkness (Final Fantasy IV) Rising Sun (Edge) Light Eternal (Cecil) Fall from Grace (Kain) Elite (Red Wings) Alexandrian Knight (Beatrix) Something To Protect (Steiner &amp; Beatrix) Angel Flute (Eiko) I Will Find You (Freya) Dark Messenger (Kuja) Little Black Mage (Vivi) Dunamis (Zidane) Havoc (Reno) Eclipse of the World (Hyrule Warriors) Beyond the Flying Birds (Final Fantasy IX OST) Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy series) Ultima Overture (Final Fantasy Tactics OST) Whirlwhip (Seven) Ahead on our Way (Final Fantasy V OSV) Balance and Ruin (Final Fantasy VI) Dancing Moogle (Mog) Toy Soldier (Cait Sith) Howling Moon (Nanaki) Those Who Fight (FFVII song) Just Straight (hetero) Duty Calls (Tseng) Voices of the Planet (FFVII music) Remenoir (Cloud &amp; Kadaj) Last Mission (Before Crisis) Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII) Renzokuken (Squall) Love Grows (Laguna &amp; Raine) Redemption (Trigun) Frozen (cold weather) Brave Little Droid (R2D2) Heroic Tale (Linkle) Farm Story (Harvest Moon) Innocence (Nobu &amp; Hachi) Supernatural (Espurr) North Star (Laphicet) Skeleton Grin (Jack Skellington) Eye of the Tiger (Litten) Righteous Fury (Starfire) Fortitude (Vanille) Warrior (Chewbacca) There is no Fate (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) Walk Tall (Noctis) Just Relax (Snorlax)


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