Lately I’ve been playing Sailor Moon Drops, another “generic match 3” game that’s strangely fun. Before this, I used to play Pokemon Shuffle, but I got to that inevitable point in mobile games where it’s impossible to progress without turning to the old “pay to win” so I deleted it. Before that… I never got into Candy Crush. I guess it was still too much of a trend back then and not enough of an established genre, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’ve been posting my slow progress on Twitter:

Speaking of Twitter and clones, I recently joined Mastodon and I’m using it via the Amaroq app. Feel free to add me: Then again… the server seems to be down, so I might have to switch to a different instance. My banner wouldn’t show up on the browser version of that instance anyway, though it displayed on Amaroq, so maybe it’s for the best. Here’s my new Mastodon

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter! I drew some art for the occasion but I’m far from finishing it on time. ^^;; Better late than never? 😄 I had some yummy fish fillet on Friday. I rarely eat seafood, so it’s a nice change. Good Friday is like Thanksgiving in that sense, the main idea is gratitude, but there’s also a special dish to look forward to. I got lots of Easter candy too. Happy Easter and God bless!

13 Reasons Why (Season 1 Comments and Ideas for Season 2)

13 Reason Why… The Netflix series that’s way more famous than I expected. First a few comments without any spoilers.

Overall it’s not my usual thing. I’m more into sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes, but this series kept enough, mystery and suspense going throughout its run to make me keep watching. You know what will happen at the end from the very start, but you end up wondering how in the world the story is going to get there. I like how they used elements that made it clear when something was the present or a flashback, yet they presented it in a way that didn’t need transitions and the scenes could just flow. There were some details that were not solid, but could be attributed to the characters’ misperception rather than a plot hole. Though the story of the two main characters was told, the rest of the cast could use a second season to continue their stories.

That’s it for the spoiler free part. From this point on it’s spoiler city, along with some ideas for a second season. Be warned that mature subjects will be discussed, you can still be respectful even if you disagree, this is just my opinion. This warning also applies to the comments, you might post spoilers freely, since everyone has already been warned.

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